My showers are taking longer...

Well, I guess I still have quite a few things to write about... but this blog is becoming more and more text-based with less pictures and I don't really want this to be happening. So, in order to clear my mind about all the sh!t that still needs to be fixed with my life, I'm spending some time taking some pictures of my latest acquisitions. And I shall start with this tiny thingy released not too long ago and suddenly it became sold out. It's a Super Smash Bros. Controller for the Nintendo Gamecube, to be used with the controller adapter. 

It's quite impressive that one of the less successful consoles ever released by the big Nintendo is still leaving its mark on the market after such a long time. In my honest opinion, I think Gamecube was a pretty decent console. It certainly couldn't outmatch the PS2, but I still prefer Gamecube over the original Xbox console. I definitely had some hate over the original Xbox console, which now came back with Xbox One and that's one of the reasons why I didn't buy it - and I seriously don't expect to get it any time soon. It's true that my collection was largely focused on every mainstream console released since the 8-bit era, but  - I've said it before - it's time to change something now. It's becoming increasingly hard to collect videogames nowadays, so a couple of months ago I've made up my mind about just focusing on the most important games I was still missing. In order to do so, I had to sacrifice a ton of recent games. I've decided to stick with the PS4. Sorry Microsoft, but I've always disliked your policies and I always had a crush on PlayStation.

I had no serious intentions of spending the few money I currently own in on this controller at this moment. I really thought no one would pay attention to it, especially considering how poor the GameCube sales were in this country. It's not that special to be fair.. That logo alone doesn't make it impressive. But... knowing it was the only Smash Bros related item, the low number of units available and the fact that it was nearly sold out, I've picked the last opportunity I came across to avoid regrets.

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