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There are some really weird games out there, and this one I'm now posting is probably one of them. I'm not sure what type of game this is... a hentai-ish JRPG with turn-based system and very limited animations that don't really make justice to Vita's capabilities is probably just one attempt at describing what this game is like. Again, this wasn't something I planned to buy on day one, but I had two good reasons to preorder it. First, it was nearly sold out. Second, it comes from an awesome company called NISA Europe that recently opened an European website and is finally selling limited editions and bonuses from all sorts of Japanese games that otherwise would never see a release date. And these are the companies I like to support. These are the companies that break the rules for the European videogaming market and they have my full support. Yes, I am still traumatized with the fact that I couldn't play so many JRPGs because the big companies didn't even bother releasing them in Europe. That fact will never go away. Some of those games were meant to be played at the time they were released, when they had that really amazing impact on players. Those who missed that right moment to play might still enjoy them a lot but it's never the same thing. Yeah, I'm pointing the finger at you, Squaresoft. 

These are the games that you need to watch out for if you're trully a collector because these things will become nasty to find in the future. The only bad part about the website is how much they actually charge for these editions and especially for shipping. However, considering how outrageously expensive Royal Mail international deliveries became in the last few years, it's only natural smaller companies can't do much but charge some impressive shipping costs. That's a shame though.

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