Aaaaannnd... it's an auction! A huge rant!

It's a fact that I've always had a terrible temper and sometimes look like an upset kid. Well, here's another one of my rants. Like the girl from Frozen said, I'll just Let it go, Let it go, Can't hold it back anymore."

I'm totally pissed at Sony Portugal. After all, there are 40 20th anniversary PS4 models available for this country... but  they are currently being auctioned with a starting price of 499€. This led me to write a complaint letter to SCEE. If they read the letter, there's a very slim chance they'll see this message. But seriously, I'm so disappointed I don't even care. Experience tells me one thing: the bigger they are, the less they care about their supporters. This is not a small company like Ghostlight that replies to every costumer. Giant companies have more important issues to worry about rather than paying attention to overseas letters from insects.

First, the UK executive came up with that speech saying Sony was upset about the sales on eBay. Yet, Sony Portugal decides to do the exact same thing going on eBay: auctions! And they probably have permission from the UK to do that. If I were to place a bid, I would always have to pay above the R.R.P. In the UK, many consoles were sold between 20 and 400 GBP and money went to charity. But people in Portugal have only two ways to obtain this console: either pay absurd values on eBay, or pay absurd values on Sony's auction... This means you either need to be rich or have plenty of money. To the "people who love the brand the most", they say... yeah right... That's pure BS.

But wait! Money goes to charity! Cool, isn't it? (irony) I'm such a mean guy, it seems so wrong to complain instead of worrying about charity. (/irony). It happens that the part of me that helps charity is substantially different than the other part of me that just wants this console. And 99% of the people who mix the two things together and claim they buy the console for charity purposes are just big, fat, hypocrites. I don't need to receive anything at all in order to donate to Charity, and even if I did buy the console from one of those auctions, I was virtually just paying for the console and not donating anything on my free will.

Getting this limited edition model already caused me quite some stress and now it's definitely impossible to find one for the RRP. Thank you very much, Sony Portugal, well done! And here I went through all the trouble to get all the Portuguese Limited Editions in order to support you, knowing they are worth nothing compared to the English versions (which I've had the chance to get instead...). You can't imagine how regretful I am now. Amazon UK is now my only friend for anything related to PS.

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