That's all for now folks!

In the next few posts, I'm going back to the present with some of the newest editions for the current consoles. Cheers!
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Pew Pew

What can I say about this game? It's another title in the awesome Darius series and it acutally made it to Europe. It's not on the same rarity level as some of the games I've posted before but still deserves some attention, specially considering it was not released on Nintendo's Virtual Console in Europe (I think?). There isn't much I can talk about it. The reason why I bought it? Because it's Darius. Yup. Now, let my quest for Syvalion begin...

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I've got them all, finally :D

The gargoyles trilogy, finally completed! After finally obtaining Demon's Crest a few months ago, Gargoyle's Quest II was the last game in the trilogy that I was still missing. Not anymore. It's not in a wonderful condition, but the price was also less than usual. Can't really complain. Yay!

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Meet George Jetson!

Seriously, kids can be some of the worst consumers ever. Back in those days, much before you had several TV channels displaying cartoons the entire day, you probably did the same as I did: you had to wake up very early during weekends to catch the morning cartoons. And then, out of all those shows, there were always some that you'd like the most. And you obviously wanted to get the games, toys, cloths and all sorts of related crap... and of course, videogames. Pretty much like the current hardcore Assassin's Creed collectors on eBay, who would probably pay hundreds if Ubisoft released a limited run of used toilet paper with the AC logo printed on it. No offense to AC collectors out there though.

2D cartoon-based videogames back in those days were great. Well, at least most of them, specially if they were based on Disney movies. There were many cartoon games that weren't as great and a few that even sucked but it didn't really matter that much if they were based in my favourite shows, so I had to get them. Sometimes it would be best to buy some other game instead and deep in my head I knew that  but I was so focused on getting that particular game from that particular show that I wouldn't even care. When I finally got home to play it, my first reaction was: "This game is ok. It's kind of cool". This is actually how a fanboy describes a crappy game based in one of his favourite shows. Several years later, you finally have enough maturity to admit you had some fun playing it but it sucked.

But then you have Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22. That game was so bad that even the most hardcore DBZ fanboy would trow up while playing it. It's probably the most horrible game I've ever played. I do remember a PS1 demo I played that was in the same putrefaction level as UB22, and it was a cartoonish boat racing game. I am glad I don't even know its name.Yuck!

All that crap to say that I've only bought this game because it was based in one of the cartoons I enjoyed back in the days: The Jetsons, for the NES. I don't even know how good or bad the game is because I haven't played it yet but I wanted to get it anyway. And this is not your cheap-ass NES game either.  20 years later I still behave like a kid. Damn! Adulthood is overrated anyway.

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Insert creative title here, 'cause my brain can't think of anything original.

And this is another classic gem that took me years to get a hold of. This game came from the arcade and it's a fantastic beat'em up by Capcom. Unfortunately it was another victim of a poor and rushed translation to English and that might be one of the reasons why it was exclusively released in Germany I believe. I haven't played it yet, but I've been wanting to for a long time. It's not easy to find at all, so I'm glad I have it!

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These games were so awesome

It took me some time to find out about some of the SNES gems out there. And this game is literally a gem. It looks beautiful and plays as good as it looks. The 16bit era actually had some of the most amazing genres: these 2d beat'em up sidescrollers are fantastic!

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The background makes me nuts.

This shockingly good game was still missing from my collection and it wasn't an easy catch. For some weird reason its value just went sky rocket high in the last few years. A couple of years ago I've had my chance to get it for like 60 euros and I didn't want to spend the money on it. Well, that was a lame decision. I'll try to forget how much this costed me was...

The box itself is not in that great condition like I usually prefer but... at least it's the official thing. I am still a little confused about what I think of repro boxes. Until I make up my mind, I prefer to make sure that I'm buying original boxes, even if that means sacrificing their condition a little bit. When I see an older game with a mint box, I am always unsure. I usually don't like to pay tons of money for a single game but when I do, I want to make sure I'm paying that cash for a fully original release. I would feel terrible if I paid the market value (the legit value, not the BIN BS) for a complete game just to figure out it came with a repro box instead. That's totally not cool.

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Computer broken. No money. Now what?

My poor laptop can't handle photoshop very well... now what? I guess I'm stuck with freeware programs that aren't as heavy as photoshop, so the next results might not be as gorgeous (ha!) as before. I've got a ton of things to show. Let's get this rolling with some older games first! =)

I've got a few posts ready and they will be here tomorrow :D
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