Too many pieces

This particular game was not something I was actually willing to buy so quickly. I wanted to wait for a price drop or something, even though it's a big risk to expect price drops for these kind of editions because they usually sell out rather quickly and most people tend to overvalue them. The reason why I got it on day -1 (yeah, a day before the release date) was thanks to a promotion from a local retailer and the fact that this CE was already sold out in some of the places I usually search. 

I didn't buy the previous Pirate Warriors 2 CE because it was too expensive. It only came with a figurine that didn't look that great, especially when compared to the boat that was included with the first game. Thankfully that seems to be the easiest edition based in One Piece to find as it's still available here and there. 

One Piece: Unlimited World Red Chopper Edition looks definitely nice and it was not excessively expensive. It comes with plenty of extras, although nothing too remarkable. I'd love if Bandai Namco included a small Chopper figurine but we can't have everything.

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