Not one but TWO? HOAH!

Those who know me or have followed this blog know that I am not really a PC collector. Collecting PC games isn't really my thing. I always preferred consoles from a very young age, even after listening so many times how great/much better the PC is to play videogames blah blah. I just don't care. I'm not an HD fanboy so I simply don't care.

But every now and then I get something for the PC, just because. And that's exactly what happened with the two following Collector's Editions, whose prices dropped to only 20 euros: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria and Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarn. There's not much to complain here.

Now what makes me feel not so good for buying these is the fact that I don't have all the previous releases, such as the 1st Starcraft II CE and the previous 3 WoW CEs. But these are a pain to get at this moment. I'm not sure if I'll even bother in the future. I guess that whenever it comes to PC games, I only snatch the real opportunities I come across without too much effort. 

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