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Although I have the press kit and the promo copy of the game, I was still missing a retail version of the game. I didn't get this cheap before simply because I wanted a particular version, but now I decided to leave that behind my back and get the regular Limited Edition of Ace Combat Assault Horizon.

After buying this I felt the need to play the game. I used to love Ace Combat 2 and 3 (didn't play the 1st one that much) and I also enjoyed some of the PS2 games, but my favourite one as to be Electrosphere, which was in my opinion a major improvement over the second game. So I picked up my Xbox 360 promo copy and started to playing the game. In a few days I eventually finished it.

I was quite disappointed with this game... Seriously. The storyline is okay, the helicopter missions are a very nice addition and the helicopter control is quite solid, but then they decided to screw years of fantastic aircraft gameplay by adding a rubbish Dog Fight Mode. What the hell is that? I know this game is not a flying sim, but to actually go as far as introducing a mode that creates impossible manoeuvres out of nothing as soon as you enter that mode... and the worst part is that the entire mode itself is, in my opinion, a complete mess! It's so messed up, really!

Then they also added a counter attack manoeuvre that I didn't like... These games used to have some very pleasing gameplay but this one made me so upset... They broke that great gameplay to add some rubbish new modes and features. Oh well... :(

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