And here's another tough game!

This one I have to thank Johnny for it because I got it for free. I found the deal but I didn't want to buy all the games, so I decided to share the lot with a couple friends and each one would pay 1/3 of the price the seller was asking. There were several games I wanted, but the one that I wanted the most was this Death and Return of Superman.

Since Johnny lived close to the seller, I decided to let him take care of the deal. The thing is... the deal went all wrong and Johnny ended up paying nearly twice as much for the whole bundle. After all the efforts he went through to get enough money to pay for the new price and avoid losing the deal to another crappy buyer that tried to step on us by making a much better offer after the deal was almost closed - which makes the seller a crappy one as well, for not keeping his word -  he decided to keep all the games to himself by paying for the entire lot without our help. But in order to apologise to to me and the other guy how all things went and the fact that he would keep all the games, he offered one of the games to each one of us. So I got the game that I wanted the most for free: Death and Return of Superman, for the SNES, which is not as rare as the Sega Mega Drive version, but still tough to get.

So yeah, I was happy! :)

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