Oh my gosh it flies!

Another huge edition arrived at my door and I wasn't really expecting to buy this thing any time soon. I made a preorder just in case and cancelled before the release date. I accidently preorder this twice, one for PS3 and the other one for XBox 360 and I only cancelled the PS3 version. As a result I was surprised by a delivery guy that called me to deliver Call of Duty Black Ops II Care Package for Xbox 360. Damn! It's a nice edition. Not perfect, but nice. It's huge as well. I no longer have space to keep these huge editions. I was saving my money to buy other editions but now I was charged a lot of money for this. I considered returning it at first, but someone actually made me decide to keep it.

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  1. A tua mãe convenceu-te a ficares com ela?
    O unboxing disso é que era de homem