Halo... we meet again. Halo 4 Legendary Edition? Hmm...

I haven't played all the games in the trilogy. I jumped directly from 1 to Reach and I didn't even try ODST or Wars even though I own both CE. However, I enjoyed playing Halo Reach so much that I finished the campaign in only one weekend. So I decided to play Halo 4. No actually I'm lying, I didn't decide to play the game but since I bought a little something that didn't come sealed I opened it to play the game and even made an unboxing video that's up on youtube right now. Limited to 1250 units, this not-so-Legendary Edition is exclusive to Italy and includes several items that you can buy separately. The game included is Italian dubbed, so I had to play it like that. Thankfully it has English subtitles but I really don't understand why they don't include at least the original voiceovers as well. I mean, I believe that even some Italian people wouldn'«t like to play the game without the original voiceovers. I also heard they did the same thing to editions from other countries. the Spanish dub even has two voices for Master Chief. Seriously?

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