Take me to the better side of the dark side!

Here we go again... another country exclusive, this time unexpectedly from France. Yup, they received a better version of Darksiders 2 Premium Edition. The mask is hand-painted and made from a far better material. The difference in weight between that one and the regular European CE is astonishing. The package is also bigger and WAY better. The regular European package is quite fragile, very small, and has a window from which you can partially see the mask. The French CE has no window and the mask has a much better protection. The French CE is also individually numbered, which is a good thing. There are, however, too many of them: over 13000 I believe. It's not that limited. The only thing the regular European CE has compared to the French CE is the artbook: the French CE doesn't come with a hardcover book. Still, the French CE is definitely the best one, no doubt about that!

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