Plastic loot

The long awaited sequel to a post apocalýptic action game called Bordewrlands finally came out and with it two very special editions were announced. As you can probably tell, I had to get the Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition.

Exactly how special is this loot edition?

The box is quite big. Its design is very nice. The outer box is actually just a sleeve holding two bulky boxes. Bad idea... The sleeve alone isn't good enough to keep the two boxes in its place. The two boxes were glued together with a small round sticker, which isn't enough to hold them on place because they are too heavy for the sticker. One of the boxes, the bigger one, actual is placed on top of the smaller one... It contains the empty loot chest, made of plastic, and comes with the bubble head inside. The thinner box at the bottom holds everything else: Artbook, guide, cloth map, steelbook, game with a really cool slipcase, authentication paper numbered individually etc. There's something funny about this edition though. Some of these were sold with several problems: the map wasn't made of cloth but paper instead. Others were missing some items. Finally, some editions had print errors on the outer cover. I heard some pictures or text were printed upside down. I'm not sure though because I never saw that personally. Mine doesn't have any of those problems though. The authentication paper for the European version is numbered individually but has an empty space and doesn't mention how many really exist (mine is over 4000 imagine that...) and I think this is the only common issue for every european edition. Overall, the edition is still quite nice. Not perfect, but far from bad. I don't know why this sold out so quickly if so many were made...

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