The guy is more and more popular.

Not that many heroes have the same treatment as good old Batman is having. The latest movies are top stuff and the games are amazing as well. We've seen some amazing super hero movies in recent years (Avengers is top notch!), but most videogames are usually good/average or bad (Iron Man anyone?). Batman, on the other hand, is doing it right.

And now they decided to make a sequel for the Lego series with this Lego Batman 2 that includes other DC heroes. I guess Batman is more popular than the other characters nowadays? I'm not really sure, I have been watching the super hero movies but I don't really know much about the story or the comics or how popular they are.

I don't have the game itself (and I'm not quite sure if I'll ever get it in the future...) but found this press kit for a rather cheap price and picked it up. It's nothing special, but still worth displaying. As far as my opinion goes, I'm far more excited for that Lego ity game that was presented on E3 this year. I think that Lego games based in popular franchises is just a little... out of place. Forgive my opinion, but that's what I think.

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