Far better than I expected.

And here it is yet another game I underestimated: Deus Ex Human Revolution. I usually don't let my opinion be influenced by the media or critics. I wasn't a fan of Deus Ex and I'm not really into shooters or certain 1st person games, and I hate when producers try to input RPG elements onto those.  The game itself seemed quite similar to Mass effect at first - which is a great game but I don't like its gameplay style that much.  Many Wertern players call these games modern RPGS but I can't consider these games as RPGs. Japanese RPGs to me are still the best, except they they are too cheesy or filled with their pop culture. The last gerat experience I've had with an RPG was Xenoblade. I don't think I'll play such a great RPG in a long time.

Anyway, back on the tracks...  I knew this game was receiving good reviews but to be honest I don't think it was that appealing. A close friend told me I really should try it before making a judgement. For no particular reason at all, I suddenly had that necessity to actually try the game. I visited a local GAME store and found a used copy of this Augmented Edition for a rather affordable price. Why not' It's used, so I can't have the excuse to keep it sealed like I did with the Collector's Edition.

Basically, I do think the game has its flaws like most games do (even Xenoblade has plenty) but I really loved the game! I mean it. The gameplay is awesome. It really reminds me of Mass Effect, but I think this one 's much better in that field. The storyline is quite interesting - nothing very original but it's developing well.  The scenarios are big enough and very well built. The game actually lets you play it your own style: you can choose the routes you want to take as there are several ways to accomplish the missions and you can even chose to either sneak throughout the scenarios or go on a rampage and kill everyone - and it does all this very very well. The sidequests and missions are actually useful, they are strongly related to the storyline and unlike many other games they are not excessive at all. I'm loving this game, now I just wish I had more time to play it :/

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