Waaaa??? It really came out!

One of the most impressive horror games released on DS was Dementium: the Ward. The game arrived in Europe a long time ago, then the second title was announced for Europe. For some particular reason, it should have been released a long time ago but it never came out and I had no idea about what happened. Every now and then I'd wander what happened to the game. For a brief moment I was thinking to import the game from the US and ironically the game finally appeared as available in Amazon's website, and with it a double pack was announced. Honestly, it certainly wasn't the best moment for me to buy such a game considering the insane amount of good stuff coming withing the next 3 months, but after all the wait for that game I though I should sacrifice some spare cash to order the double pack. It arrived the other day and in fact it's not impressive at all, only just the two factory sealed games with a paper surrounding them. I was expecting a harder box or something of that sort, but this is just a regular bundle sticked together with a paper stripe and shrinkwrap to keep all the stuff together. This is only worth if you're a serious collector or missed the first title but feel interested in buying both.

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