Those guys from space...

I'm not really a fond of Warhammer games because the first titles are mainly strategy games for the PC and as you probably know already I don't really collect pc games. At all. Last year this Warhammer 10000 Space Marines came out and it seemed to be a 1st person shooter. It's not the first time the series takes one step sideways from the strategy style but... I'm not a fan of shooters as well. So you pick up one series that combines mostly PC games with strategy and shooting gameplay, and you probably have one series of games that I totally overlook most of the times. True story.

Even knowing there was a collector's edition for this game, I didn't really feel very interested in it. Maybe the reason why was because there were too many editions coming out at the same time and I'd prefer other games and stuff since I don't have money to buy all the stuff that's coming out. It's creepy.  Game Publishers, PLEASE STOP RELEASING SO MUCH STUFF. Videogaming markets are becoming more and more like DVDs and I do. not. like. that. AT. ALL. Thankfully - or not... - everything will change once we go digital all the way. No more physical games, no more raw materials being wasted in producing discs and cases and covers whatsoever.

Now the question is... How the hell did I start becoming ecofriendly in a message about Warhammer?

Okay, back to the subject. I was quite impressed to see the quality of this edition. The box itself is really tough! Quite durable, and great looking as well, since it has a foil effect. The contents are not the best in the world, but quality wise they come close to some of the best I've seen recently. This edition is quite an eye-candy even to me.

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