Assassin's Creed Revelations, just one of 100 different editions made

Yeah... they did it again. How many different versions of Assassin's Creed Revelations exist around the world? Too many. I got what seemed to me the best version of this game. The package is great, despite not being your regular rectangular box. This one's a little b*tchy to store... The 3D effect isn't the greatest but heck it's just the package and looks good overall. The Encyclopaedia is amazing. The rest of the contents are the same as the regular Collector's Edition. Haven't tried the game yet as I just finished Dead Space 2 and will move on to other games now, so this one will stay for later. How would I rate this edition? The package is good, or should I say instead, looks good. It's a big box. The encyclopaedia is awesome but unfortunately it seems it's available for sale separately but I still have to confirm if it really is the same book or not. Considering its price I'd rate this as 8.0, mainly because of the book, since the contents are basically the same from the CE which is cheaper.

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