The Way I am... #1

I know, I know, there are still some pictures that I did not add to the text, so some of the few who visit this blog may be thinking what are some of the editions I just recently mentioned but showed nothing yet. But I came here this time to write my thoughts as a collector. This blog was originally intended to just post pictures of my collection and show some special editions to a restrict number of people who know about this blog's existence.

First of all I must thank Gemini Phoenix, a serious collector well known in a few forums I visit. The post he wrote at the PlaystationCollecting website (http://www.playstationcollecting.com/general/in-too-deep-no-regrets#more-478) about his thoughts as a collector reminded me of my thoughts as well. And I really felt like writing something about my thoughts as well.

When I was younger I've always blamed my parents for not buying me a videogaming system. Not only it was expensive for a portuguese family like mine but my mother was against children playing videogames. In order to play, I had to go to shopping malls and wait for my turn to play at the display consoles. That, or visiting my friends' homes. I've played many titles like that since my parents (particularly my mother) didn't want to buy me a console. I don't blame her now though. Maybe the reason why it was so hard for me to get the first console is the reason why I love videogames so much nowadays.

There are several reasons why I want to write these messages. First, to show how collecting so seriously became a part of my life and helped me making the person I am today. But I won't be able to do that without explaining my past as a collector or why I took this hobby so serious. Secondly, to express my thoughts about my collection, about myself, about my social life. Finally, I would also like to clear some ideas about collecting videogames so seriously and what I expect from the future. So let's start with the history of me in the following post...

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