What's an unemployed zombie? It's a dead body... >_>

Bought two shooters for the Wii. Both include their own gun. I'm talking about The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Zombie Pack plus Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles, both with their plastic guns. Nice packs!
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Whats the real meaning of Halo?

In first place I must say that I played the first Halo game and haven't touched a single Halo game since then. They may be good, but not exactly my sort of game. Halo Reach came out not too long ago and with it two editions were released: the regular limited edition, and another legendary edition. After the previous legendary edition that came with the useless helmet, this time we get a statue. Overall, the edition is quite impressive. The statue has plenty of details and just looks great. The box this time is more impressive. It actually looks pretty good and suits this edition very well. The collector's edition included in the pack has some nice bonuses as well. And yes, I decided to get this one. Pic bellow any time soon.
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