And Square betrays European gamers once again...

Considering that Final Fantasy is one of the most popular series all over the world, it's almost unacceptable that they never released an European version of Final Fantasy Tactics. It is one of the many RPGs that never came out of Japan and America. Shame on you, Square...

I decied to buy the american version a long time ago, but I was not willing to pay that much for it. I tried to buy a couple in the past, but lost the auctions. And suddenly, the japanese Millenium Collection Boxset shows up. I placed a low bid early and totally forgot about it, expecting that it would be an obvious loss.

In the end, I did won... Sometimes I struggle to get regular games for a good price and I never get them. Suddenly, something as important as this appears, and people seem to desregard it... It's not sealed, has some very light damage to the cover, but considering the final price, there's no hell of a way I'd regret winning the boxset just because of some very light damage, specially considering the contents are brand new... This is also another signal of something that started a while ago: my collection ig finally moving towards japanese and american editions and not just european games. I'll always prioritize european editions though.

Thankfully, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lion as released for the PSP...
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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

I've said it before many times and I must say it again: I don't really appreciate shooters. However, I was very surprised to find out that the collector's edition of this game was released in PAL territories. I thought that it was a US exclusive release and I'd buy in the future, but since an European version is also available, I did not think twice. It surely will become a rare edition in the future for PAL collectors. And I, being one of them, could not let this one go. Comes in a hard card box with the game, one action figure, a comic book, 3 unlockable codes and a poster/map.
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Monter Hunter Unite

Originally released for the Playstation 2, Monster Hunter became a very popular game in Japan even though it did not have such great impact in the US or Europe. The name says it all: the quest to hunt and battle immense and gigantic creatures through huge scenarios and dungeons. While it may look simplistic and not very original, it is a recommendable gaming experience to anyone and a game I particularly enjoy since the first release.

Above is the european press release boxset. A great looking box with a starter's guide, mobile phone strap-on and the game itself of course, immitating an old book made with reptile skin.
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Finally on vacation...

It's been a little while since I've had some spare time. But now, I finally have two weeks for myself. I have too many things on my mind right now and I need to settle for a few days but I still took some time today to update this blog with a few new pictures and I expect to be receiving some very important items soon. Right now I'm a little over 1600 games. I do not have any particular goals in the number of games I wish to obtain though, but I must say that I still have many to get.
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