My Snes Collection has now improved

As you probably noticed already, I have just very few old Nintendo games for NES and SNES. No matter how much I try to increase my collection, the truth is that it's no piece of cake to get a hold of boxed games in the desired condition and that cartridges only are worth much much less than complete boxed games.

I was pretty lucky this time. I found a buddy willing to sell his SNES collection and he had all of his games in a great condition. Now his great collection has now become part of mine. Thanks a lot for taking care of your games so well Artur, I'm really glad these games became a part of my collection and I will take really good care of them. I still expect to get the boxes of the cartridges that are missing it =)

For those wandering, those vivid colors on the background are the same from the Snes logo, to express the colourful colletion that I now have:)

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