Cables? What's that for?

The two items bellow are incredibly hard to find, yet quite impressive pieces of technology that only the most recent consoles are using regularly. Wireless controllers have been there in the market for quite a while. Using their age's techology, SEGA released infra-red controllers for its own consoles. These were pretty expensive back then, and that's probably the main reason why they become so rare. I fetl pretty interested in Saturn's wireless controllers after I first heard they existed. When I finally had the chance to pick a complete set, I did not think twice. As for Mega Drive controllers, these took me quite a while to get as well but with a lucky shot I got them as well.

Even the oldest 8bit console has its own piece of advanced technology. Yes that's right, the Sega Master System console had its own infra-red controllers. While not being produced by Sega, this licensed infra-red controller was produced by WKK. A similar controller exists for the Sega Mega Drive as well, but now that I have the original ones there's no need to search too hard for the WKK version. If I have the chance to get one, I'll get it, but I'll not search exhaustively like I did with the other two packs. This SMS controller only exists in individual packs on a single controller. So I did buy a second controller and that way I have two of each :)

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