Master System Tec Toy: Portugal VS Brazil

Tec Toy, a brasilian distributor for most Sega consoles and games in the past, still produces several consoles and games from the old Mega Drive and Master System times. Some console and game variants are exclusive releases, unavailable in any other part of the world.

Back to the past... Tec Toy was responsible for the release of several (well, dozens, maybe even hundreds) top games in brazilian portuguese. But they went even further... in order to catch the attention of brazilian kids, tec toy released several exclusive games related to brazilian tv shows and comics and converted many important games from other systems (such as Game Gear) into Master System games. Some versions of several games, such as Street Fighter II', Baku Baku, Sonic Blast and Virtua Fighter only exist in Brasil. Besides the regular blue covers that are different from all the master system covers we're used to see around the world, there are also a lot of card boxes, originally released before they were replaced with the plastic ones.

Following the brazilian example, Ecofilmes from Portugal picked up some of those tec toy games and released their own versions. Only a very small amount of tec toy games were ever released in Portugal. These editions have two important tings: exclusive art cover, with the purple shading at the bottom of the box, and they also include the tec toy serial number. These are hard to get a hold of - even in Portugal, due to the low number of games available and sold. The ones pictured bellow are all the complete games I could ever find. There are at least 8 more tec toy games, including a very important one: Sonic Spinball. This Sonic Spinball version also exists in Australia, with a silver cart and box, and was released in Portugal - as I have one copy myself. But the original Ecofilmes release of that game... I am yet to find one.

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