Yes, I definitely CANNOT keep up with so many games being released at the same time. The end of this year has been crazy with new releases and top games coming out every week. My main problem now are the special editions. These are comming out like drops during a rainy day. I can't keep up with all of them, specially knowing that I'm still missing SO MANY for 360.

Anyway, above were my latest additions. No Gears of War and no Fallout 3 variants yet, I can't buy so much stuff at once! I've chosen Fable 2, Saint's Row 2, Farcry 2 and I had to get Gears of War 1 before I buy the newly released edition... With it I also got a special edition for Rainbow 6 Vegas 2.

I don't buy just special editions. I also have to keep an eye on games that are released for certain consoles and sell very fast, making them hard to find not only later but even now! And I am talking to you, you damn Playsation. First, 4 PAL anthologies from SNK with amazing games. Then, a special edition Wild Arms 5 with art book (Yes, it does exist in PAL lands, as if the regular game was not hard to get already...). I also got a collector's edition of Naruto Ninja Storm for PS3, PAL verison too (I did not even know it existed...). For some particular reason, that game seems very hard to find anywhere. I only found a couple of shops that have a few copies... I could not miss my chance on that one either. Pictures some time later.

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