Gran Turismo Nissan 350Z Edition

Finally, the most important item in my recent purchases... the rumoured Nissan 350Z edition for Gran Turismo. I was able to get the complete press kit that comes with 3 discs, one of them being the 350Z Edition. Awesome purchase!!! I'm pretty sure there are other versions of GT. I do not have the Mazda one. But my GT collection is now close to completion, missing only a few items. Of course, I'm not conting the japanese Nike Boxset or the japanese releases but I don't feel like purchasing japanese boxes or items... I live in Europe, I'm used to European releases, I give a lot more value to PAL releases.

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Yakuza business

You do not want to mess with these guys. They're the bad ones from Japan. And Sega produced a game based on them. This special handcase comes with artificial paper notes and includes a full copy of the game as well as an extra disc and a leaflet with information about the game. There's a different leaflet with a different disc that I got from Germany that doesn't come in this box but I guess they are the two most important items related to this game.
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Celebrating the fact that I got this, finally

For most, this is a crappy edition. For me it's a treasure that took me quite a while to get. This particular verison is still sealed and comes in a plain black slim box with the official ps1 hologram. It's a Rapid Racer Commemorative edition to celebrate the production of 50.000.000 game discs. Only handed to SCEE employees. Quite a treasure, specially still sealed.

EDIT: almost three years (!!!) to get my hands on this, and suddenly I get a second, new but not sealed copy. I now have two. Damn! It's almost frustrating considering the time and patience I took searching for this in the past.
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Le Grand Monde des Bleus

Football... possibly the biggest sport in Europe... This box here is a limited edition of the french game "Le Monde Des Bleus". 10000 of these were released to celebrate the victory of the French team in the World Cup '98. A good collectible even though I am not a fan of fotball but this box called my attention. It's now well kept in my collection.
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New updates soon

It's been a while, I've been away but now it's time to show some new and cool items. I'm expecting to receive even more items. I finally managed to get some important items such as the Rapid Racer Commemorative edition and the WRC 2 box to finish my collector's editions of WRC.
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