No, it is not one of my favourite games, but I deffinitely recommend it to someone who's looking for an adventure game and any true collector must have this game. My collection includes the regular version, the limited edition with art cards, a promo book with a demo and a game from the UK official PS2 mag and the Shadow of the Colossus cardbox game. I don't have the regular version for this latest because I didn't want but someday I might still get it. The most important and interesting item in this collection is the ICO box. Similar to the fortress walls, the box holds a candle and a double DVD pack. There's a meaning behind this: the candle inside this box represents the light in the middle of the darkness. If you played/know the game you certainly understand what this means.
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Toca? A8 Supercars? DTM? What is this game?

Yes, they're all the same game. The name changes for a few countries. Toca is the name for most coutries. A8 Supercars is the Australian version and DTM the German version. In fact, I only have these games because they're the limited promo edition. I'd rather own the regular versions but I have time to buy them any time. These are kinda hard to come by. They were supposed to come in a metallic box, but the UK version was the only one I found wit it. As much as the metallic box is equal for all, I don't really care if I only have one.
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More Tomb Raider...

The latest addition to my Tomb Raider Collection: the Tomb Raider Gift Pack. This pack comes with 3 collectable cards, a set of playing cards, mouse mat and a compressed XL t-shirt, as well as a sticker for the playstation console. Nothing special here, this is only for fans or collectors.
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