Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

Yeah I haven't updated this for a while but I have some new stuff to add to this blog. I am currently starting to purchase some important retro games. Only the ones I really want though. I also need to purchase new materials and new furniture to protect everything I currently have. My room is really small, I don't even have the appropriate furniture to keep all these boxes but I will change that soon. I'm finally taking a break of purchasing special editions. I still need to buy many though, but I'm really short on money and I can't keep up with so many rare items and new releases at the same time. right now I have about 150 special editions of all sorts and there are at least 30 that I do not have yet, but I expect to get them with time and patience. It would not be fun if I could get everything at once anyway and this is the reason why I give so much importance and value to my collection.

I managed to get a Wii for this christmas with Wii sports and the new Zelda (thanks mom :D). I also purchased a special box set of Breath of Fire 3 and a Nes Classic collection box set for Gameboy Advance, among a few older games, used and new / sealed. I am also selling some duplicate items I have to release more space for new items.

Anyway, enough talk. I will update this really soon. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for everyone that visits my blog :).

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