Life can be tough...

You know those moments in life when the world seems to be against you and you have so many serious problems going on at once? Especially when they only tend to get worse with no solution at sight? Well, that's my life right now. And I'm not joking about this. My life's pretty messed up, so much that almost brought me down to depression. I always overthink too much and that doesn't help at all when thinking can't really help you finding a solution. I eventually have some break downs that lead to depression and sleep privation. I'm doing my best to keep my head straight up... kinda... sometimes I don't do a good job and I just let myself fall a bit, but heh I'm only human after all.

Unfortunately, some of these problems will take some time until they get fixed and there isn't much I can do about them but wait. I had some plans for the rest of the year but now I feel I stopped in time. Oh well... I guess this is what we call life.

Over the years I have been collecting all kinds of rarities and special editions. I have a huge wishlist that keeps growing and growing with no end at sight. There's just too much money involved on collecting games with all this seriousness like I've been doing for so many years straight but I need to slow down. Before I do that, I need to catch the big fish and leave the tiny ones for other (hopefully better) years of my life.

I no longer have that patience to search intensively for many items at once because that consumes a lot of time. So now I am extensively searching for a bunch of games while ignoring most of the others. The top priorities are a few SNES exclusives I've been wanting to buy for so many years. I'll move on to other priorities once I'm done with these. I expect to fill the blank spots on my wishlist in less than a couple years with a few dozens of tough-to-get titles. I don't need (in fact, I don't want) to get all the rarities and crazy rare games so I'll just stick with those that I consider to be important. Once I'm done with that, I'm also done collecting retro games. For good.

My quest for the toughies already started and I already nailed a handful of these games. You can expect a new update soon with more pics, but this time there will be nothing out of ordinary like press kits or unusual editions - mostly regular games.

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