Slipcases, slipcases. Slipcases everywhere!

Starting with this Call of Juarez the Cartel Slipcase. I know there are two, this one seems the harder to find. If you remove the bandoleer the slipcase unfolds behind revealing fome info about the game. It's quite original I must say. Then, there's this is a limited edition that caught my attention because it's also one of those that unfolds into a 3D diorama. It's also exclusive to France. I don't have much interest in the game itself but the slipcase actually caught my attention. 

This one from Metro 2033 is just a regular slipcase used to distinguish the limited edition from the regular game, because the game box is just a normal one but this brings a DLC code and some postcards.

I've never seen this one before. World Championship Rugby promotional copy with a slipcase that promotes the game itself for the several platforms it was released for. Promo stuff only, no doubt about it.

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I like to Move it Move it!

Move press kit, the 2nd. This one has plenty of games inside and an augmented reality feature. I prefer the original Move press kit a lot more. The best thing about this one is the number of games it includes.

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The guy is more and more popular.

Not that many heroes have the same treatment as good old Batman is having. The latest movies are top stuff and the games are amazing as well. We've seen some amazing super hero movies in recent years (Avengers is top notch!), but most videogames are usually good/average or bad (Iron Man anyone?). Batman, on the other hand, is doing it right.

And now they decided to make a sequel for the Lego series with this Lego Batman 2 that includes other DC heroes. I guess Batman is more popular than the other characters nowadays? I'm not really sure, I have been watching the super hero movies but I don't really know much about the story or the comics or how popular they are.

I don't have the game itself (and I'm not quite sure if I'll ever get it in the future...) but found this press kit for a rather cheap price and picked it up. It's nothing special, but still worth displaying. As far as my opinion goes, I'm far more excited for that Lego ity game that was presented on E3 this year. I think that Lego games based in popular franchises is just a little... out of place. Forgive my opinion, but that's what I think.

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Now this is rare!

No, it's not the edition that's rare, but the fact that I bought a PC game - that's really rare! 

It's Diablo III, it's the CE, I guess I don't need to say anything else. I'm not a fan of this sort of games but all the hype around the game and the fact that the CE was selling like hot cakes made me search for one by the time it was supposed to be sold out. I found two and bought them both. No, I didn't resell the other one. I just passed if to a friend at cost. It's in good hands, somewhere in the UK now :)
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Far better than I expected.

And here it is yet another game I underestimated: Deus Ex Human Revolution. I usually don't let my opinion be influenced by the media or critics. I wasn't a fan of Deus Ex and I'm not really into shooters or certain 1st person games, and I hate when producers try to input RPG elements onto those.  The game itself seemed quite similar to Mass effect at first - which is a great game but I don't like its gameplay style that much.  Many Wertern players call these games modern RPGS but I can't consider these games as RPGs. Japanese RPGs to me are still the best, except they they are too cheesy or filled with their pop culture. The last gerat experience I've had with an RPG was Xenoblade. I don't think I'll play such a great RPG in a long time.

Anyway, back on the tracks...  I knew this game was receiving good reviews but to be honest I don't think it was that appealing. A close friend told me I really should try it before making a judgement. For no particular reason at all, I suddenly had that necessity to actually try the game. I visited a local GAME store and found a used copy of this Augmented Edition for a rather affordable price. Why not' It's used, so I can't have the excuse to keep it sealed like I did with the Collector's Edition.

Basically, I do think the game has its flaws like most games do (even Xenoblade has plenty) but I really loved the game! I mean it. The gameplay is awesome. It really reminds me of Mass Effect, but I think this one 's much better in that field. The storyline is quite interesting - nothing very original but it's developing well.  The scenarios are big enough and very well built. The game actually lets you play it your own style: you can choose the routes you want to take as there are several ways to accomplish the missions and you can even chose to either sneak throughout the scenarios or go on a rampage and kill everyone - and it does all this very very well. The sidequests and missions are actually useful, they are strongly related to the storyline and unlike many other games they are not excessive at all. I'm loving this game, now I just wish I had more time to play it :/
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PS3 and Xbox 360 again, for both systems. Someone make me stop.

Ok, I'm not that hyped, considering I only played 1/5 or so of the first game before my Xbox 360 became ill with the usual Ring of Red (ill? more like died and resurrected), and after purchasing a Slim model I still didn't play it.

Anyway, I just couldn't miss the N7 edition of this game so I bought it. Well... actually, I bought two. The Xbox version and the PS3 version. I usually don't buy the same edition for the two different systems unless there's a good reason to do so.  My preferences would be just the 360 version, because it all started there and because it's the only console with the limited editions of the previous games. But then, the PS3 had a different box. Yeah, I prefer the PS3 box. So I bought it. How lame is that? Silly excuse to be paying double just because the box is different in a time I really really need money to buy other things and had to be selling some doubles. There are obviously other reasons behind, but you don't really need to know those. 

The first time I did that was probably with the FFXIII Collector's Edition but being such a huge FF fan I really wanted to get both. The same thing is true for the Crystal Edition. I originally missed the PS3 version because scumbag HMV decided to cancel my preorder one week before the release date, by the time it was nearly sold out everywhere else, so I bought the only version I found: the 360. I usually have some sort of preferences when I buy a particular game for a particular system of more than a system get the game. In FF's case, it's quite esay to find out why I would prefer the PS3 version...

Then the same thing happened with Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Preordered the PS3 version, then found out they weren't numbered and they would get an Australian release. Suddenly, a wild 360 version appears. Just to make sure I wasn't going to regret, I prerodered it. Yeah, you all know what happened to the PS3 version when the first 4000 were announced. BOOM, 200 to 500 pounds on ebay. Scumbag sellers...

I also have another copy of Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition waiting for me. I preferred the 360 version because it included the chinese-made plasma cutter replica... I mean, that thing is indeed crappy as it DOESN'T EVEN ROTATE. There are many things that upset me a lot, like poverty, wars, bad behaviour and stuff like that, but something as silly as the fact that this replica doesn't even rotate really tingles my nerves. Anyway I knew the PS3 version included the full edition of Dead Space Extraction and the differences between the two would justify owning both. Finally my dear good friends (not...) Johnny and Dark-Vash found a few copies lying on a stote still sealed for a little less than 12 euros and they decided to call me. I'm thrilled (almost... not quite actually). They told me it sounds gay when I thank them, but I must, so - thanks guys :P


And more recently... There ya go! Dead Island GOTY Limited Edition for both Xbox 360 and PS3. I actually intend to play this one online with a couple of mates :P

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Harry Potter visits Hyrule and this happens.

"It's like Zelda" they said.

"Computer says no..." but it's actually quite enjoyable and the regular game also comes bundled with the complete Move set for a fairly good price. It's probably the best Move bundle out there. But anyway I don't really want to talk about the game or the regular bundle. I got the press kit instead, which is fairly interesting. Could be better if the materials used were better as well, but overall it does look good.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, it's the press kit for the PS3 Move title Sorcery. =)

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So, what's new?

It's been a while now. But I don't have much time to update this. Today I decided to take this blog to a whole new level... Okay not really, I just added the "like" and "share" options for Twitter and and AssFacebook. Seems like these things are everywhere. I'm still not infected by those, but I decided to try it out and add a couple of things to the blog.

Next update will be quite massive, with at least 20 new posts and pictures mostly from limited and collector's editions, a couple of press kits and a couple of rarities, but overall nothing too big or impressive compared to other updates (I think). Still worth to check though. I should be done with this next weekend or so.

To finish all this, I just turned 29 last Saturday. Happy birthday to me ^_^

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