The Nomad now has a new home

When we think about nomads, we usually think of those middle-east desert travelers such has Prince of Persia (lame comparison...) that face the desert while traveling through oasis and villages trying to earn their livings not really sure how. That's why I put a house in the desert for the background, see? Nomads... desert... house... er... whatever... In western societies nomads are different. I can't quite figure if nomads are really "extinct" or if globalization and the end of the "one-lifetime jobs" concept is moving more people around the world, creating sophisticated nomads... Anyway (and to cut the crappy speech about nomads), this portable console was never released in Europe but it's a system that allows to play Sega Mega Drive (meh... I prefer call it that way instead of Genesis) game cartridges. That's quite amazing if you ask me. Specially if you have an A/C adapter >_>.
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Shinku Hadouken! Shinryuken!

Street Fighter IV has brought back that nostalgic feeling and have not felt in a very long time. The combination of 3d graphics with 2D gameplay scared some people who started to cry out loud about how bad and ugly the game would me. Turned out to be an excellent game with amazing online gameplay - the Street Fighter I have been waiting for a long time, unlike the precious 3D Ex versions. I bought the Collector's Edition for the cheapest price I could find new, and it was for Xbox 360. But then, don't have live right now and I was still waiting for it to come. I did something crazy and bought the PS3 version of this game to play sooner and be able to experience the online gameplay. This game is fantastic, that's all I have to say! But I was disappointed with this collector's Edition. Unlike the american version we don't have a OST disc. Instead, we got a kinda crappy C Viper Figure. That particular box includes an additional Chun-Li figure, that looks pretty good compared to the other two.
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For the sake of the FUTURE I've killed my wallet.

I have broken a promise. I said I would never ever collect the SNK stuff. The prices are ridiculous, the games are impossible to find over here, most hit prices beyond expensive. But I found the console in a mint condition for a pretty good price and decided to buy it. I am pleased, seriously pleased. But now I'm stuck with the one that's possibly the most nightmarish console to collect... The NEO GEO Advanced Entertainment System!
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It's time to groove, get your body shakin'

A small promo edition containing a demo disc for those Eyetoy games. Nothing I particularly appreciate, but still worth picking for collection purposes.
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Tough to hunt down!

Yeah, this particular edition has been hitting stupid prices. Now that the fever is a little lower with the game finally released, I managed to pick it for a reasonable price. Considered one of the greatest shooters released in this generation of videogames, Killzone returns to its glory after the original PS2 release (which I did not like by the way). I still want to pick the collector's edition, but I can wait. This was definitely more important.
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